The Tale of the Toga

Staying ahead of schedule is not my forte. There are many reasons for this, some good, some not-so-good. Regardless, at 12:30am on Tuesday morning I found myself in the unnerving position of needing to come up with a toga costume for the Spring Musical…in less than 7 hours. One of the reasons for this dilemma […]

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Book Cover for Chartwell Press

Bright Lily Creative is my side-hustle where I help small businesses establish an integrated online presence. I enjoy getting to know people, learning about their stories, and figuring out what makes them tick.  Bright Lily Creative allows me to collaborate with other small businesses, to translate their day-to-day operations into beautiful, functional design, and to […]

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How to Neglect Your Blog

1. Get a good idea. 2. Pursue it faithfully for a determined amount of time. 3. Get a job and over-volunteer. 4. Start posting less frequently. 5. Feel both wistful and bad at the same time. 6. Have more good ideas, start to write blog posts, then run out of time. 7. Continue to feel […]

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The end of the Endless Summer

Today marks the first day back to school for many children in British Columbia. The teacher strike is over, and today, children across the province what it back into their schools. My kids go to an independent school so we been back for a while. A week or so before school started I wrote the […]

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Anatomy of a Selfie

This afternoon my sister Laura challenged a handful of friends, me included, to post a makeup-free selfie on Facebook.  I’ve taken selfies before, but I’ve only ever posted it on Instagram, and I only have a handful of followers there, so I don’t think that really counts. Going makeup free is not a super big […]

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The Final Hurrah

It is Labour Day, the last day before the beginning of the new school year. We arrived home in the early afternoon from my parents’ house in Chilliwack – the final hurrah before the onslaught of ten months of regimented life. I don’t object to daily routine, in fact, this past week I have seen […]

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“When in doubt, tidy up.” -Brian Eno (via SwissMiss) ……..sigh………….ok messy desk, I’m coming to get you….

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Summer MacGyver-ing

Well, a rather rainy June managed to end with a blast from the sun’s fiery furnace, and as a result, my family has been juggling fans, blinds, and curtains in an attempt to stay cool. In view of the weekend forecast, I thought I would pass on a couple of strategies that have worked for […]

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Fresh Air

Every Wednesday my mother-in-law picks up Ben from school and brings him home for me.  It’s early dismissal at the school and it clashes with naptime for John and my niece, so the Wednesday pickup is my mother-in-law’s weekly gift of sanity to me. As I was standing on our front doorstep yesterday talking to […]

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