decluttering: window sills

Tsh Oxenreider, the lady behind the website Simple Mom, has written a book called Organized Simplicity which I blogged about a few days ago.  The last half of the book details a total house declutter over a period of ten days.  However, Tsh also acknowledges that not everyone has the time to devote ten full […]

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Documentary: Century of the Self

As you may have guessed, I like documentaries.  So, I’ll be posting some of my favorites. Today, Adam Curtis’ Century of the Self.  This four part series first aired on the BBC in March/April of 2002 and looks at the influence of Sigmund Freud on advertising. Fascinating stuff here.  Makes you think about what we […]

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We live in the suburbs.  Every morning when Darren has to go into work, he hops on a bus, then the Skytrain, then walks to his office in downtown Vancouver.  It’s quite a trek, but it (thankfully) allows us to live as a single-car family. On days that he works from home, Darren is a […]

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Genius from Ikeahacker

This is from IkeaHacker and when I saw these my jaw literally dropped. Here is the description: “We wanted to create a fun sitting area for employees of our advertising agency to brainstorm creative ideas for clients. We took standard Karlstad furniture, bought some metal U-channel, plastic coated cable and suspended them 8″ from the […]

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Valentines Day: The Scarlet Pimpernel

Demme, is it Valentines Day already? I suppose you could make the argument that the Scarlet Pimpernel is an icon of both function and beauty.  Rescuing aristocrats from Revolutionary France?  Check.  Leading English society in manners and fashion? Check.  Oddsfish, m’deah, I think we have our romantic hero for the day! Oh, and the book […]

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Documentary: Helvetica

I am realizing more and more that my appreciation of history is the backdrop for my affinity for design. It’s all about context. For more fun, take the “Helvetica vs. Arial” quiz or check out this handy chart. I initially got 15/20 on the quiz and after looking at the chart I aced it. Have […]

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small things: the crossing guard

Every morning I get up, get the kids ready, and drive my son to school.  Some days we are on time, a lot of the time we are just-that-bit-too-late-dangit. Every morning I drive past one of the local schools, and every morning the crossing guard is there, helping kids and their parents cross the street […]

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It is 5:45 on Friday evening.  The kids are playing quietly.  Darren is just finishing up his work.  The house is a mess.  It is almost silent at our house. And oddly enough, even though I am writing this blog post, I am so aware of my surroundings, I feel so connected to who I […]

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