What is beautiful doesn’t always work

The idea for this blog has been germinating for a while, but this article (“Modern Inconveniences” by Adele Weder) is a great example of why beautiful design doesn’t always succeed in real life.  Weder is an architectural journalist who lives and rents in Vancouver, BC.  This story chronicles her family’s transition from a comfortable, cluttery mid-century home to a sleek, modern abode.  One of my favorite parts:

“I’m pretty sure that if our house had been a story assignment rather than a year-long rental, I would have raved about how the mid-kitchen change in grade triggered that dynamically expansive spatial narrative. As it was, this unexpected step in the floor triggered a series of spectacular wipeouts. My mate and I started calling it the death step. Our daughters started calling our place the hurty house.”

Read the whole article.  It’s worth it.


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