Book basket

We read.  A lot.  And we have a lot of books.  Over six bookcases full, plus a couple of boxes in the garage, but what else can you expect from a couple of bookworms who have their MA’s in history?

Our kids read a lot too.   Every day the kids have a “reading rest” which consists of them sitting in bed with a huge pile of books, reading them and throwing the finished books on the floor.  This gets pretty messy.  While Darren and I can confidently re-file a book in the place where it belongs, our kids aren’t quite there yet.  Especially as I am a bit OCD about books going back in their proper places.

Enter, Simple Mom!  This handy-dandy website dedicated to “life hacks for home managers” is run by Tsh Oxenreider and is a wealth of information for anyone at all, but mothers in particular.  I have been particularly inspired by her book, Organized Simplicity, which I both go out from the library and recently purchased the Kindle version (for free!) for my iPhone.

Tsh’s kids also have the same book-filing-challenges and she came up with a simple and elegant suggestion: a book basket, just like at the library!  When you are done with a book, you put it in a basket and it is filed later.

After the kids have their reading rests, I get them to put all the books from the floor into the basket.  Then, at the end of the day, we all put the books back where they belong.  That way the books go back where I want them AND the kids’ bedroom isn’t a book minefield all day.  Win-win.


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