If you want something done…

…you know how this one ends.

I like to be organized.  Before I had kids you could ask me where any item was in my house and, 99 times out of 100, I could find it.  Three kids later, I am down to about 80 times out of 100, which isn’t bad, but it still bugs me.  My accuracy gets even worse when it comes to remembering dates and events.

Enter the calendar.   We started off with the Fridge Calendar.  The best part of this calendar was that it had a lot of writing space.  The downside was that it also came with a bunch of stickers, a desk calendar, and a chore chart that never got used.  I tried to fit them into my routine, but it just didn’t work.

I then moved to a free monthly calendar.  This was functional, except that it had very limited space, and as I use our calendar for meal planning, work scheduling, and family scheduling, things got really crowded really quickly.

The next logical move was a bi-weekly calendar, but try as I might, I couldn’t find a good, free, online template.  So I just made one.  As I mentioned, graphic design is part of my job.  I had been thinking about putting together a calendar for a while and one Saturday I just did it.  And here it is for your enjoyment and personal use: bi weekly calendar template

And this is what it looks like in action on our fridge.


My apologies for the fuzzy photo, but I guess it does preserve our privacy somewhat.  But notice that I pulled out my sharpies to write in the dates.  Any project that involves the use of colour-coded Sharpies is a worthy use of time.  I have a year’s worth of calendar pages printed out and ready to go.  More on that and the paper on the right hand side of the photo later…

And organized Jen is a happy Jen.


3 thoughts on “If you want something done…

  1. Public service announcement for the day:
    Just in case anyone is still looking for this, you need to print the document up from your browser, not from the PDF file itself. And make sure that the settings are set to “landscape” and “shrink to fit page width” has been checked off.

  2. OK, I got this wrong. Open the doc in your browser, do NOT print it from there, the fonts will turn out really strangely. Open it up in Adobe, then check off “landscape” and “shrink to fit page width”. That should work.

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