Genius from Ikeahacker

This is from IkeaHacker and when I saw these my jaw literally dropped. Here is the description:

“We wanted to create a fun sitting area for employees of our advertising agency to brainstorm creative ideas for clients. We took standard Karlstad furniture, bought some metal U-channel, plastic coated cable and suspended them 8″ from the floor.”

I’m not sure how these would hold up in a house with children, but they look SO FUN! Functional? Possibly, I’d have to give them a shot in person. Beautiful? Delightfully so.

(Ok, I’ve given this some thought. This is a really good idea. These chairs are in a public space, which allows people to play with them and enjoy their uniqueness and movement. However, because of their location it is not likely that people will, say, have jousting tournaments with the chairs. In addition, these chairs convey a sense of innovation, playfulness and quirkiness that is a great selling point for the advertising agency itself. Just think, if this place is creative enough to dream up these chairs, just imagine what they could do for your business!)


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