We live in the suburbs.  Every morning when Darren has to go into work, he hops on a bus, then the Skytrain, then walks to his office in downtown Vancouver.  It’s quite a trek, but it (thankfully) allows us to live as a single-car family.

On days that he works from home, Darren is a nomad, wandering between our bedroom, the dining room, and my desk.  This is generally fine, except that when he brings papers home to work on, they tend to nest in odd places and then multiply, leaving their young scattered around the house in irritating piles.

I would love to put a desk in our bedroom.  But what kind?  I found a couple of lovely desks on Craigslist (in particular one that looked a lot like this), but eventually came to the conclusion that a full desk would make the room look really crowded, especially as we already have two bureaus in the room already.  The alternative was a slim table/desk, kind of like this:

Ikea is my general go-to, and the MICKE desk fits the bill in so may ways; under $100 (yay!), cord storage, clean lines, and a little bit of storage.  Now we just have to see if Darren fits properly.  It’s tough being tall.

But wait, there’s more.  I was snooping around on Ikeahacker again, and I found this lovely DIY gem from Jonathan Lo at Happy Mundane:

Walnut contact paper.  Good, no?  And we just happen to have walnut bedroom furniture and white bookcases.  I may just have to give this a try, but first I have to convince Darren about the desk…


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