On the simplification bandwagon

First of all, thank you to everyone who hopped over from Facebook yesterday to check out this blog!  It was VERY exciting to see how many of you came over, especially as my average for the month of February was about one visit per day (thank you Laura!).

I thought I would post this right now rather than waiting until Monday, just in case anyone else wants to join in.  Tsh of Simple Mom is hosting Project: Simplify over the coming weeks.  Basically the idea is that everyone tackles one “problem area” per week and then reports back on their progress. The reporting part is optional, but as I am going to start spring cleaning this month anyways, this is a good kick in the pants for me.  And its nice to know that others are suffering through the cleaning process with you!

First on the list: Kids’ stuff.  I am hoping this will entail a trip to Ikea to pick up some storage boxes so that I can better use the space in the top of Ben and Cate’s closet.  I’ll also see whether I can do a little redecorating because their room is really hurting for some prettying up.  Or handsoming up, in the case of Ben.  Weeks 2-4 are the kitchen; closets, countertops, and drawers; and a “hot spot.”

And depending on how the weekend goes, I may switch weeks one and four.  Our “hot spot” is the office/desk and it really needs some work, especially as Darren is working from home more frequently.

See you on Monday!




2 thoughts on “On the simplification bandwagon

  1. Love it Jenn!! It’s nice to see that managing an organized house is not only something thing I am struggling with. I look forward to hear what works for you guys 🙂 The book basket was brilliant!!

    • Thanks Monique! I often feel like everything is so well organized in my imagination and it is frustrating when reality doesn’t match up with my ideals! So no, you are definitely not alone!

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