the ODC in me

Remember these?

Day-of-the-week underwear was all the rage when I was in elementary school.  I remember wanting a set.  I also remember being vaguely uneasy about wearing “Monday” underwear on a Tuesday, etc, etc.  I can imagine the stress of making this decision causing great anxiety.  Perhaps that is why my Mom never bought them for me.

A couple of weekends ago we went on a short holiday with another family (and had a fantastic time, by the way!) and the Mommies were treated to a shopping trip with just the babies.  Imagine walking through a grocery store, cute boy strapped to your chest, no deadlines, and the mental space to make decisions.  It was great.

Anyways, before we got to the groceries we checked out the clothing section of the store, and I found a great deal on some white socks.  There were seven pairs of them.  Day-of-the-week socks.  And I bought them.

It wasn’t until I got them home that I remembered about the day-of-the-week underwear and the potential stresses that would have resulted from ownership of said underwear.  And guess what?  These socks kind of stress me out. Right now I am sticking to the right day but who knows how long that will last?  What if I don’t keep up with laundry? What if I lose a sock?  Should I try to wear the right sock on the right day for as long as I can? Should I just mix them up now and be done with it?

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5 thoughts on “the ODC in me

    • Love your website name! I vaguely recall that you may have been one of the people whose underwear I so envied in elementary school! So funny, and slightly awkward 🙂

  1. So lo and behold I also recently bought the same socks! It totally bothers me when I wear them on the wrong day. I get oddly superstitious and assume that this means I will probably die or get injured if I wear them. I wear them on the wrong day on purpose to avoid superstition, which is of course looked down upon in the church. I do however, keep the days together. I would probably implode if I wore a tuesday and a sunday on the same day. One of my feet would be all gung-ho, its the beginning of the work and the other would be longing for brunch and an afternoon nap. You see it must be in the Hamel blood.

    Love you and miss you!

  2. I had day of the week underwear when I was little and I never wore them on the wrong day (in my recollection). My little sister always did! That is the best illustration of the differences between us and actually helps me understand her a little better. Thanks for that! And at the risk of sounding OCD, isn’t it OCD, not ODC? Or is this a new disorder? I can’t keep up anymore.

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