Most beautiful thing: family shopping trip

Every Monday I will post the most beautiful thing of each weekend or previous week. The most beautiful thing(s) in my life is really my family, my children in particular, so there will likely be many posts about them. This Monday is no exception.

This weekend was unexpectedly busy from about Saturday evening through to Sunday. But before we got caught up in the unexpected, we made a trip to Ikea that turned into a four hour stay. Darren and I got a chance to really talk about what we want to do with the house, the kids were very well behaved, playing together and listening properly to us, we had lunch there, and I had a chance to get a bunch of little things that we have needed for a while. All in all, a really good time getting things done and just being together with a little bit of silliness thrown in for good measure.



3 thoughts on “Most beautiful thing: family shopping trip

    • Thanks Char! Yeah, Cate is really starting to stretch out. She’s in size 5 clothes, the last official “toddler” size. I was in Extra Foods earlier today looking at the clothes and I saw some super-cute baby girl stuff and I was sad that Cate doesn’t fit those clothes anymore. Hopefully we get another girl the next time around! It just goes so fast…

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