DIY: new clock face

One of the great struggles in our family is conveying the importance of time to the younger members. A major flaw in our current strategy is that the kids room does not have a clock. However, this oversight was fixed by the weekend trip to Ikea, when we purchased a Rusch clock for $2.99. I knew that I wanted to customize it, so on Monday morning when John was sleeping I proceeded to gut the clock.


That is the clock with the faceplate off, hands off, and the face pulled out. I traced the old clock face on teal paper, marked off the numbers, and made yellow numbers on a navy background. (The colors of the clock roughly match the kids’ comforters.)


For the numbers I cut a strip of paper that was approximately the same height as the original numbers and just started cutting away. The navy background was created by cutting shapes that I liked and fitting them all together like the pieces of a puzzle.


Here is a close up of the numbers (apologies for the upside down photos, I’ll fix it later today.) Then I glued them on, cut out the clock face, lined everything up and put it back together.


If you look closely you can see that I covered the hands of the clock with white out so that they would be visible on the darker paper. It looks sloppy up close, but it is fine from a distance. It was the whiteout that comes in strips, so it was actually quite tricky to do.


And here is the finished product (without the faceplate because it adds glare to the photo). Not bad for an hour and a half worth of work! And the kids loved it, which was also nice.


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