Rating the pros: Transformers

I am in the middle of some major tidying/organization, so today’s post is a little random.

I was doing laundry this morning and as I put the wet clothes into the dryer I noticed a Transformers sticker on the side of the dryer. The grocery store near our house gives out stickers to kids as they go through the checkout with their parents. My kids usually put them on their t-shirts and although I try to catch them before they go through the wash, we have ruined at least two articles of clothing that way. Thankfully, “Shockwave” didn’t ruin a third.

Looking at the sticker reminded me of the new movies and how disappointed I was with the new design (the bad dialogue and plot lines are another matter, but I guess that is part of what made the series great in the first place).

My beef with the redesign is that the Transformers all look so much alike. It is so difficult to tell the Autobots from the Decepticons. This becomes a major problem during fight/action sequences for the simple reason that you don’t know who to cheer for! I get that they couldn’t do something as basic as red guy=good, blue guy = bad, but when a Transformer disintegrates in a shower of metal fragments and you are too busy trying to remember whether his demise will hasten or hinder the downfall of Megatron to have any sort of emotional reaction, the Art Department has missed the mark.

This is the full movie, so I expect it won’t be up for long.  But try watching 1:55:00 to about 2:00:00 and see if you can tell, on first glance, who is who.  I’ve seen this clip a couple of times and I think I have it.  But really, these characters are not created for immediate identification.


My bad – the eyes of the good guys appear to be blue while the bad guys eyes are red.  Because, you know, it is a good idea to wait until you see their eye colour until you decide whether or not to fire.  And of course, the good guys never wantonly destroy property or anything, so you can tell the good guys from their neat and tidy, exemplary behaviour.  Yep.


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