Decluttering: tea cupboard

This week the Simple Mom decluttering challenge has been kitchens. Our kitchen is generally in pretty good shape, but I still have a few things to do (like clean out the fridge and wipe down all the cupboards), but I thought I would share my progress thus far. Here is the tea cupboard prior to decluttering:


And here it is afterwards;


Major changes include: mugs relocated to the middle shelf, all tea accessories to the bottom shelf, and the red treat bag and chocolate chips jar were relegated to the upper shelf (notice how it it empty so that I can avoid temptation). I also deep-sixed a jar of instant coffee and a jar of instant espresso that had been sitting in the cupboard for years. I am not exaggerating. Seasonal mugs were also ditched, as we’re a couple of candleholders that never get used.

But the biggest change was switching our set of eight red wine goblets:


For our set of four generic wine glasses:


I LOVE the goblets. We were so excited to add them to our registry and they have such beautiful lines and a great sound. But we are not wine drinkers, and it has probably been over a year since we have used them. (I can tell you right now who will be gasping with horror at this revelation – you know who you are!) I figured it was time to free up some cupboard space and give the other wine glasses a chance to experience the great outdoors. So the goblets are packed away, safe in their packaging, awaiting the day we either get a china cabinet or get serious about drinking red wine.

Hopefully I will be able to tackle the rest of the kitchen before the weekend. I am dreading posting “before” photos of the fridge…


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