DIY: Kindle cover

One of the great challenges of my marriage is figuring out what to give Darren for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. He has very simple tastes, doesn’t like being made a fuss of, and is fairly particular. All of that means that I can’t just head out to the mall and purchase whatever first grabs my attention. I really need to think about what he wants and needs. This is probably a good thing. It means that I need to take the time to be thoughtful. It also means that finding an appropriate gift is a challenge.

This Christmas, after much discussion, I bought Darren a Kindle. This was a definite splurge for us and (thankfully) also takes the place of a birthday present as well. After shelling out money for the Kindle I wasn’t too excited about spending even more cash on a case. But Darren commutes to work, so he needs a case for the Kindle.

First of all I thought about hollowing out a book like this. Then I saw an IkeaHack for an iPad case that used a $0.99 NEDDA chair pad and I thought that it would be fairly easy to adapt for the Kindle. And that’s what I did.


This is the chair pad. You can get them with designs punched out of them, but I knew I wanted the Kindle to be as protected as possible, so I got the plain kind.


I sized up the Kindle and chopped off the edges of the pad.


There. Perfect fit.


Next I folded up the felt, pinned it where I wanted it, and left it under a heavy object (minus the Kindle inside) overnight. In my case I used a collapsed playpen, but I’m sure a stack of books would work as well.


This is what you are left with. So, I got to work, sewing up the sides and adding some Velcro until it looked like this:


After attaching the Velcro with hot glue, I wish that I had some black Velcro so the glue wouldn’t show through, but oh we’ll, we make do with what we’ve got.


See? Not so pretty. Just as I was finishing up I realized that while the red thread provides a nice contrast, I really would have preferred a darker color so that the Kindle looks wrapped in a seamless form of felt. So I am probably going to re-do this with grey thread.


But, it looks not too bad right now, and it is definitely better than just throwing the Kindle in a backpack unprotected.


There it is, all cosy in its Kindle cocoon. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, my Darren.


5 thoughts on “DIY: Kindle cover

    • Jess, it was really easy. The most difficult part was getting the needle through the layer of felt and the Velcro. I’ve also seen people do it with duct tape. That would be even easier.

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