Most beautiful thing: sun and pseudo-sea

The “most beautiful thing” of this past week is awarded to two things: sunshine and swimming.

Sunshine is obvious. While the rest of Canada has been basking in above seasonal temperatures, we in the Lower Mainland have had a lot of rain and very little sun or +10 degree weather. This past couple of days have been wonderful. The kids have played outside and Cate even got a bit if a sunburn.

The second beautiful thing is that we went to the wave pool on Saturday evening and had a great time. It is really fun to see how the kids adapt to the water. Benno is a fish, Cate still doesn’t like getting her head wet, but enjoys the water, and John loves sitting in the water and splashing hard with both hands. Lots of fun.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos this weekend, so I’ll leave you with some recent photos of the kids.


Brothers in the morning. (Yes, I know John is in a pink sleeping sack. He barfed on the smaller green one. I forgot to get a gender neutral colour when I bought it for Cate, so once John grows out of the medium size, he is stuck with sleeping in pink. Oh well, Cate wore boy sleepers and she survived.)


Princess Cate. Look how regal she is! I love that she has an intuitive sense of dignity and ceremony. She swanned around like that all day.  Wonderful.










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