Fire in the Belly

I was going to post about something completely different today, but you know how sometimes an idea captures you?

When I was in grad school, Darren and I had a prof named Ken Coates.  Ken is an historian of northern Canada who has published dozens of books on a wide range of topics.  He is an engaging speaker and professor and a juggernaut of an administrator.  We used to say that Ken was the standard to which we all fail.  Darren and I were privileged to work for Ken during our time at the University of Saskatchewan.  He gave us the extremely enjoyable assignment of researching the Kemano Completion Project, which meant spending three weeks traveling to all the relevant archives and museums in Victoria, Vancouver, and various small communities between Prince George and Kitimat.  It was really rough.

We talked to Ken a great deal about our futures, trying to discern whether we, Darren in particular, should go on to do a PhD in history and try to get a professorship.  One piece of advice Ken gave us was to follow our “fire in the belly.”  In other words, follow your passion. It was good advice.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the “fire in the belly,” or rather, the desire to really refine what I am passionate about.  And then, audacious dreamer that I am, I want to act on it.

Here is a bit of what I mean. Lately, the approach that Simon Sinek takes really resonates with me.  Please watch this if you can.  I basically wanted to send this to everyone I knew when I first watched it.  I guess I just did.  What is your “fire in the belly?”  What drives you?  What is it you want to do?


(Wow. Simon speaks about his experiences in going to Afghanistan.  Intense and amazing.)


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