Documentary: Objectified

From Gary Hustwit, the filmmaker who created Helvetica, comes Objectified, a film about our relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them. Definitely watching this on the weekend.   In other news, I am hoping to have some blog updates soon, so stay tuned…and have a lovely weekend. Advertisements

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House Snakes

Who knows what lurks in the corners of suburban British Columbia… When Benno was a baby we had a Diaper Genie for his dirty diapers. For those of you who have never used one of these, you put the diaper into the device, push it down, then twist the top, thus sealing the diaper in […]

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DIY: Perpetual Calendar

This past fall I saw a post on DesignSponge about creating a perpetual calendar (I think I first found it through Pinterest).  A perpetual calendar or journal has one page for every day of the year.  You write something that happened that day and then do that every day.  At the end of the year […]

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Documentary: The Fog of War

The Fog of War is an interview with former American Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara.  As a historical document, it is fascinating.  As a study in leadership, it is invaluable.  It is a beautiful film, illustrating the starkness of war, the uncertainty inherent in the actions of the powerful, and the thoughtfulness of a human […]

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Design: The Friday Project

Courtesy of SwissMiss.  Stephen Wildish is a British illustrator and designer who has come up with “The Friday Project”, in which he has to create something witty or funny every Friday. Here is his poster “1990s Film Alphabet”.   Darren and I got most of them.  (Can anyone tell me what “K” and “V” is?)  […]

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Bean Burgers

For years, Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything has been one of our “go-to” cookbooks.  Whenever culinary difficulties and disputes arise, Bittman is consulted. One of our standard meals (usually on Fridays, as we generally avoid meat on Fridays) is bean burgers.  They are delicious and the kids will eat them with no complaints.  How […]

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Finding my niche, revisited.

I originally posted this last October on our family blog. I found it when I was surfing around today. I have a couple of projects on the go, and so I was wondering what my Friday post should be and I found this. It is interesting looking back, even if it is only looking back […]

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The Cake.

When I am asked to put together a dessert, I usually turn to my old standby, lemon squares. They have a shortbread bottom and a lemon curd top and are extremely toothsome. At least, so I have been told.  Oh, and I just recently discovered that warm lemon squares are just this side of heaven.  […]

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Photography: beautiful and brutal.

I was goofing around on Pinterest yesterday and I came across photographer Geoffrey Baker’s portrait series of people who have run “The Barkley,” an endurance race that has been billed as “the most difficult race on the planet.”  It features saw brier (I think this was the inspiration for the stuff that surrounded Sleeping Beauty’s […]

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