This past week or so, Darren and I have been talking a lot about renovating/redecorating our house. For example, our bedroom is blue, and we are pretty tired of it, so I think we may switch to a light yellow. There is a very long list of things to do, from re-caulking the bathroom sinks, to finding a new storage solution for our television, to finally planting a proper garden.

On Sunday afternoon I was just getting frustrated with just thinking and had to DO something. So, keeping in mind my New Years Resolution, I rehung a picture.


I painted this picture in Grade 11. It is a self-portrait, and I am particularly proud of the skin. I spent tons of time on everything else, and did the skin in a few classes. Funny how that works out.

When we first moved into our house the portrait lived in the dining room, but that was a little overwhelming. I mean, I do look fairly forbidding. Then when my grandparents gave us a lovely gilt-edged mirror, the portrait was moved to the upstairs hall on one of the hooks that was left over from the previous owners. However, I have never been satisfied with its placement, but there it stayed for a long time.


Until Sunday afternoon. In my zeal to DO something with our house, I took it down and rehung it near our bedroom door. I think it looks better. There is a little alcove near the door that frames the portrait nicely. It looks like it fits there, rather than just hanging in space all by itself.


I really think that it is all these little improvements that keep me from exploding with “wantingtodoeverythingallatonce!” Which is, of course, impossible.  And if I tried to do everything whenever I wanted to, the house would be an absolute disaster area. Thank goodness for small projects fending off large mistakes!




6 thoughts on “Frustrato-deco

    • Lucia, when I first read this I thought, “Why? For moving a picture?” Then the penny dropped 😉

      Thanks, it has been a while, but once the kids are older I’d like to do that sort of thing more often.

  1. Well then, it’s a good thing Darren gained extensive knowledge of all things renovation when my parents turned us loose on their basement in high school. Maybe you’ve seen the results… no one’s dared touch it since.

  2. Oh my goodness….graffiti is not what I had in mind…But I must say, that basement is pretty cool, kind of like a movie dressing room where all the famous people autograph the walls. Let’s call it eclectic, and hope your parents never have to move and paint over it!

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