DIY: Perpetual Calendar

perpetual calendar courtesy of DesignSponge

This past fall I saw a post on DesignSponge about creating a perpetual calendar (I think I first found it through Pinterest).  A perpetual calendar or journal has one page for every day of the year.  You write something that happened that day and then do that every day.  At the end of the year you start all over again, so that you can see what you did the year before.  My Aunt Mary has a perpetual calender for her garden and I always thought it was a neat idea.

So, I decided to create one for myself.  I used 5×8 index cards cut in half, stamped them with the date and year, and ended up with something like this:


I really liked the fruit crate in the DesignSponge version, but as I made it in the dead of winter, I resorted to using a mini Mandarin orange crate.  It stayed orange for quite some time and then I spray painted it last week (two coats of primer, two coats of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint). By the way, did you know that when a label says to use in a well ventilated area, it usually helps to spray paint an object at the front of the garage with the door open rather than at the back with the door slightly ajar?  I know, revolutionary.


I had a teal inkpad that I bought on a whim when it was on sale, so that is the colour that I used for stamping the date.  It took quite a while, but my OCDnss was very happy with such a repetitive task.


I like that the teal is so cheerful. I also used it on some of the “month” dividers.

Other dividers got the gold treatment.

I really like the gold and blue.  I made the month dividers the same size as the index cards.  I may change that in the future, but it works for now.

There it is, in all its glory, the perpetual calendar sitting next to the smilodon skeleton.  (Which I think it SO COOL, by the way.  I have totally stolen it as my desk mascot.  I don’t think Benno has clued in yet.  Let’s hope he just likes having it around and doesn’t try to reclaim it).

One final thing.  Know how long it took me to finish this?  From idea to completion, five months.  And if I didn’t have this blog to keep me doing things, it likely would have been sitting unfinished on the desk for a lot longer.  Next project to finish, artwork for John’s room.


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