Documentary: Objectified

From Gary Hustwit, the filmmaker who created Helvetica, comes Objectified, a film about our relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them.

Definitely watching this on the weekend.


In other news, I am hoping to have some blog updates soon, so stay tuned…and have a lovely weekend.


One thought on “Documentary: Objectified

  1. Thanks for sharing the link to this; it’s now on our list. Because we’re documentary nerds! 🙂

    Recently I blogged on some related documentaries, about where our stuff comes from and who makes it:
    China documentaries (Pt. 1): blue jeans and revolutions
    China documentaries (Pt.2): rivers, migrants & entrepreneurs

    And about consumerism, the market, and our lives and identities:
    Defining You (Pt. 2): Pick your poison (not actually a documentary)
    Colonialism’s new frontier: Western beauty ideals plague China and the world

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