Up for air

SwimmingYou know the feeling when your head breaks the surface of the water and you gasp for breath? I feel a little like that right now. (For a good delivery of “gasping” go here and check out the 36:30 minute mark. Even better, watch the whole thing. Noel Coward at his best.)

Our family has been MIA for the past few days. This weekend we went to my parents house to celebrate four birthdays (my Dad, John, me and my sister, Em, who is born on the same day as me) and stayed over for Monday as Ben had a Pro-D Day. On Monday Darren got sick so we had to stay an extra day to give him a chance to get up to snuff. He is better today, thankfully.

So this evening we came home and I went off to a meeting for the school fundraiser that I am helping to organize. And then I came home and was reminded of a dozen small things that need to get done as soon as possible.

I know that everyone has busy lives, and so I feel a bit guilty about feeling overwhelmed with everything on my plate. But it does happen, and right now is just one of those busy times.

So it is good to celebrate the little successes. The clean toilet, the mostly folded laundry, the one on one time spent with my eldest velociraptor. And despite the struggles, little bits of encouragement float by and you find that, after all, you can keep your head above water. All you need to do is keep calm and occasionally come up for air. I think it’s called drown proofing.


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