Clothes shuffle

During the past few weeks the temperature spiked to 25 degrees. Ahhhhh….aaahhhhhuuuhhhh…uh oh. Where are the shorts?

Luckily Ben, Cate, Darren, and my summer clothing was close at hand. Thankfully, most of my shorts from two years ago (before I got pregnant with John) fit me again, which should cut down on the summer shopping I need to do for myself (although I desperately need some new shirts!)

However, John was a different matter.  All his summer stuff is packed away in our basement, which means its time for a clothing shuffle!

Late last week I went through Cate’s stuff and exhumed the “too small” drawer in John’s room.  I was left with this.  Note the lovely but too-small red velvet Christmas dress.  *sigh*  I think we may need to have another girl.


And here is the pile of summer clothes waiting to be integrated into John’s dresser.


Hmmm….must get on that… more to follow.



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