Most Beautiful Thing: Sunshine and Peace

On Saturday morning I woke up and the sun was streaming into my room.  I  could tell by the brightness and the angle of the sun that I had been sleeping far past my normal waking time.  I could hear Darren and Cate downstairs, reading books.  John was still asleep.   As I was stirring I heard Benno pad down the stairs and join my husband and my daughter.

For the first time in forever I picked up my Bible and got to read it, uninterrupted, unencumbered, and undisturbed.  My copy is the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, a Christmas present from Darren two years ago.  This study Bible is like the “Special Features” of DVDs, perfect for a “behind the scenes” nerd like me. I often find that it isn’t simply the words of Scripture that moves me, it’s the context behind it that imbues meaning and substance to words written so long ago.  Because as you learn when you study history, it’s all about context.

And this Saturday the context of my lovely interlude with sunshine and peace was a loving husband giving me space and rest after a long and sometimes stressful week.  Whatever challenges I may face, I know he is always watching out for me, helping me to take the rest that I am so reluctant to give myself, taking care of me when I am the last thing on my own To-Do list.  Thank goodness for him.


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