Classic movies: A love story

Okay, look up at the top of the screen. See it? Right next to the “About” and “Guidebook”? You got it! “Nostalgia!”

When I was a kid our family did not have a television. That’s right, we didn’t own a television until I was 12 years old. Even after we got a TV we never had cable, we just watched movies and the Sunday night line-up on CBC with the bunny ears (Disney then Road to Avonlea. Oh yeah, and there was Danger Bay – set in Vancouver, so we saw a lot of places that we knew, like the Vancouver Aquarium).

Anyways, because we didn’t have cable (something that my own family now does without, much to the bewilderment of cable company representatives) and barely had television, we rented a lot of movies. And because my parents were careful about what we watched, we rented a lot of old movies. Our family has even developed a verbal shorthand that references all of our favourite movies. With the demise of video stores, a lot of these old movies are being lost, particularly the Disney “live action” movies, which I have started to dig up. Happily, you can still find a lot of these on the internet.

So, mostly for the sake of my kids, I thought it would be a good idea to gather all of these old movies into one place. That way, whenever we want to watch something new (to them, that is) we can just go and check out my list! (Darling siblings, if you have any suggestions, let me know!)

What were your favourite movies when you were a kid?


2 thoughts on “Classic movies: A love story

  1. Herbie, The Love Bug………so many different ones!
    Annie, I always loved!
    My husband loves The Sound Of Music……

    Already on your list, Pollyanna!

  2. You should try “So Dear to My Heart” I also love Mary Poppins, Meet Me in St.Louis (though technically a musical and not a kids movie) I could go on for ages, I love old movies.

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