Quick sketch

This past Christmas Darren and I gave all the grandparents empty picture frames with promises to fill them up with family photos. We have yet to get our family portraits done, so the frames sit empty. Until now.

During a painting session with Cate earlier this week I thought, “Why don’t I just sketch our family?”  And so I did. (Please be warned: this is NOT great portraiture and I am under no illusions that it is!)


I think this took me about ten minutes. Here’s a closer look.


From left to right you have…

1. Darren – I tried to make him look cheerful.  I’m not sure it looks a lot like him.  Not to say that Darren isn’t cheerful, he just isn’t generally so … whimsical.

2. John – I sketched him while he was looking down and concentrating.  Hopefully knowing that helps the photo to make more sense.

3. Benno – This really doesn’t look much like him.  Really, the one of him and John’s portrait could be interchangeable.  Which may not be a bad thing, considering they are brothers.

4. Cate – This is the first one that I did and the best.  I like how her hair has the strong bang and is messy.  As usual.  My girl, I love her so much.

5. Jen – I don’t think this looks like me at all, aside from my bangs covering my left eye.

Well, some major flaws, but all in all, not bad for less than half an hour’s worth of work.  Darren’s Mom seemed to like it, so that’s good. But we really do have to get those family portraits taken.  And I suppose this means that I am obligated to do a sketch for my parents as well.  I guess I’ll go haul out the paints again…


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