Summer Routine

Yesterday was the last day of school for Benno. My sweet baby boy finished Grade Two and will start his final year of primary come September. I know people always say that time flies when you have kids, and it really does. The end of the school year means no morning drive to school, no […]

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Cord Control

You know that spaghetti of a mess that you get when you just have too many computer cords? Well, I did something about ours. I don’t have a “before” photo, but suffice to say it’s a good thing we have a large monitor that can hide a lot of cords. Well, sort of hide. It […]

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Documentary: Watergate

I can’t remember when I first read “All the President’s Men”, but I do know that when I read it, I was fascinated.  After I sorted out who all the players were (thanks to the pictorial “Who’s Who” in the centre of the paperback), I read through the Watergate account over and over again, astounded […]

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Most beautiful thing: Swimming

On Sunday evening we went for a late swim at the pool. We left at 7:15 and got home at 9:30, everyone tired and smelling like chlorine. But we had a great time splashing around and being together. Benno got to try out his new goggles. Cate went down the little slide and tried to […]

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Preparing for summer

Did you ever have a brilliant idea, only to turn around and see that someone else had that same brilliant idea and had already acted on it? That is my experience with this Simple Mom post. For those of you with not enough time to read the whole post, it basically advocates pre-packing for a […]

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Most Beautiful Thing: Anniversary #9

Last week Darren and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.  On Saturday while we were walking around Fort Langley with our family  Darren was horsing around on the train tracks, which always makes me nervous.  He also does this when we are crossing roads.  He will walk reeeeaaaaallllyyyy slowly, just to tick me off because […]

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