Preparing for summer

Cultus Lake DocksDid you ever have a brilliant idea, only to turn around and see that someone else had that same brilliant idea and had already acted on it? That is my experience with this Simple Mom post. For those of you with not enough time to read the whole post, it basically advocates pre-packing for a variety of activities: beach, picnic, pool, etc.

I actually did something of this sort this past winter. We have an old diaper bag that was a disappointing purchase (started to fall apart within six months). I tend to hold on to things, so the irritating, broken diaper bag became a winter emergency bag. It sat in the truck of the car filled with a couple of diapers, John’s stroller snuggle thing, and a set of hat and mitts for each member of the family. It ended up saving our bacon a couple of times, and I’m glad I put it together.

Earlier this month I was thinking that I need to do something similar for the summertime. I am planning on getting some sort of portable bin and filling it with summertime outside things, such as sunscreen, towels, hats, and blankets. The kids will be out in the backyard a lot this summer and it would be good to have everything at hand, rather than running through the house like a madwoman every time we want to go to the outside.

[Incidentally, this happened to me earlier thus week. It was Fun Day at Benno’s school and I had to run upstairs multiple times just because all the summer supplies were in odd places. I was also reminded that just because you remembered sunscreen doesn’t mean that it will automatically keep you from being burnt. You have to apply it to your body. Ooops. ]

So, the plan for the next little while (I have learned that setting fast deadlines at this stage in my life is not always a great idea) is to put together a backyard box, a pool bag, and a picnic bag. That way when the kids are whiny and fussy this summer I can get us out the door quickly and into some cooling body of water without going off the deep end myself.


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