Documentary: Watergate

All the President's Men (film)

I can’t remember when I first read “All the President’s Men”, but I do know that when I read it, I was fascinated.  After I sorted out who all the players were (thanks to the pictorial “Who’s Who” in the centre of the paperback), I read through the Watergate account over and over again, astounded by the conceit and deceit of Richard Nixon and impressed with the forbearance of Woodward and Bernstein.  Indeed, the Emperor had no clothes.

Somehow, this past week I got to watching/listening to Watergate documentaries.  I found a couple that are really interesting.  And so, for your viewing pleasure, I submit the following.

Here is a five-part BBC documentary on the Watergate crisis, released in 1995.

This is really cool: an interview with Robert Redford, Bob Woodward, and Carl Bernstein.  Lots of amazing stories, including a change of heart on the part of Bob Woodward’s perception of Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon.  I think the sign of a good journalist is the ability to be persuaded by the facts, rather than sticking to partisan opinions.

By the way, did you know that Carl Bernstein was at one point married to Nora Ephron?


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