Cord Control

You know that spaghetti of a mess that you get when you just have too many computer cords? Well, I did something about ours. I don’t have a “before” photo, but suffice to say it’s a good thing we have a large monitor that can hide a lot of cords. Well, sort of hide. It is probably more accurate to say “partially obstruct”.

I have seen various options for hiding all your cords (like this one from Ikea), but the basic idea is the same wherever you look: a box with holes in which all the horrible spaghetti is hidden from view. Not wanting to spend $15, I repurposed an old shoe box. I just cut two holes in the side, reinforced the holes with duct tape, and started threading computer cords.

Here is the newly organized corner. Can you spot the box?


A close up.


The inside. I am SO glad this is not visible anymore.


Close up of the hole I cut in the side.


In other news, I broke out the glue gun and fixed Benno’s flipper and Cate’s tiara. I also reattached the skull of the sabre tooth tiger which had broken off after an unfortunate fall. He now grins down at me from the top of the receipt box.



One thought on “Cord Control

  1. Amen for cord control. With Emily and I both running multiple monitors, full sound, wired network, and seemingly unending projects, not having cables adding to the mess on the desk (or under it) is beautiful.

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