Secret Recycling Nerd

I have always been a bit of a recycling nerd.  When I was in elementary school the municipal government had a series of industrial recycling boxes located throughout the city.  There was one just down the road from our house. I remember taking all the recyclables (newspapers, cans, glass, and possibly plastic) down to the […]

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Seven Dollar Smile

I am grateful for Costco. I once calculated that our membership pays for itself in the savings that we get from purchasing Harvest farmer sausages there rather than at any other grocery store. Seriously, at Costco they are $12 for eight and at Pricemart they are $7 for three. That’s roughly 50% cheaper. Consider this […]

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I’ve been at a bit of a crossroads for the past month or so.  I quit my job in June and I have spent the past two months recollecting myself, taking a bit of a breather, and generally being busier than I had anticipated for this summer.  I am definitely “in between” right now and […]

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