Seven Dollar Smile

I am grateful for Costco. I once calculated that our membership pays for itself in the savings that we get from purchasing Harvest farmer sausages there rather than at any other grocery store. Seriously, at Costco they are $12 for eight and at Pricemart they are $7 for three. That’s roughly 50% cheaper. Consider this your shopping tip for the day!

The difficulty is that everything at Costco tends to be rather large, this also being the point of a bulk discount store. So when one purchases a two litre bottle of neutral grapeseed oil for a fabulous price and it doesn’t fit in one’s cupboard, one keeps the grapeseed oil on the counter beside the stove. And it looks pretty ugly after a while.

Enter the oil cruet. While I was at Home Outfitters picking up a wedding present I checked out the cruets and was surprised to learn that a basic cruet was only $2.99! You can get fancy ones that mix oil and vinegar for you, but all I needed was a basic cruet. Into the shopping cart it went. That night I washed them out and filled them up. I now have two cruets of oil (one grapeseed, one olive) as well as a bottle of balsamic vinegar sitting on a glass fish plate just to the left of my stove. And it looks SO much better. I got to use the olive oil cruet on Sunday night. It was extremely exciting!


I am continually amazed at how visual clutter just eats away at me. It sits there in the back of my brain, nagging away. And my brain just keeps plugging away at it until it arrives at a solution. I know that this probably takes up a lot of mental energy, but it is worth it. I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I come up with a solution that works. And the best thing is that I didn’t need to spend $30 to fix the problem. Just seven dollars, including tax.



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