Mario Cake

This is a bit of a brag post. Not very humble of me, but oh well. A few weeks ago my sister in law asked me to make a birthday cake for my nephew. He is really into Super Mario right now, and so he had requested a Mario cake.  I knew that there was […]

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We’ve all done it.  Someone is telling you a story.  Their story sparks a memory of something that happened to you.  It happens to be a good story, a great one in fact, with a fantastic punchline. And so, quivering with anticipation, we half-listen to our friend as we try to gauge the best time […]

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Jam and Jerusalem

…or, a little something to amuse you on this holiday Monday. One day when I was looking for Absolutely Fabulous episodes online I ran across this little show called Jam and Jerusalem written by Jennifer Saunders and Abigail Wilson.  I took a quick look and as it had Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley playing minor […]

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