Butter Tart Squares

So the request from Zoe was followed by a suggestion from my Mom to post the Butter Tart Squares recipe that was featured in the same Canadian Living magazine as the Lemon Squares recipe. Although I feel a little like I am giving away all of my secrets, here it is.  I suppose I can’t […]

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Lemon Squares

This post is for my friend, Zoe, who requested my lemon square recipe.  I got this from my Mom who got it from Canadian Living or something (Mom, feel free to clarify the origins of the recipe).  They are extremely good. Lemon Shortbread Squares Blend the following ingredients using either a mixer or a dough […]

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Killing the Candida

First of all, did you know that Candida has its own theme song? Oh yes it does! I was going to post the live version, but there is some extraordinarily annoying clapping during Tony Orlando’s live performance. Subjecting you to Tony Orlando is my way of announcing that my candida levels have dropped from a […]

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Most beautiful thing: Creativity

This Sunday was beautiful, and so is today, and it is a relief to sit outside in the fresh air and not get rained on. But the “most beautiful” title this week goes to my children and all the nifty things they create. Benno and his “Lava Minion” – check out the blaster. Cate’s portraits […]

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