Most beautiful thing: Creativity

This Sunday was beautiful, and so is today, and it is a relief to sit outside in the fresh air and not get rained on. But the “most beautiful” title this week goes to my children and all the nifty things they create.

Benno and his “Lava Minion” – check out the blaster.


Cate’s portraits of our family. Notice that I am holding John.


John and his colouring. He generally can put the caps back on the felts by himself!



2 thoughts on “Most beautiful thing: Creativity

  1. HI Jenn, I still have a painting that Mike did of our family, four smiling stick people in blue poster paint, with a big fat, happy circle wrapping around all of us.

    Love, Aunty M

    • Love it! One of the great challenges of motherhood is figuring out what to keep and what to chuck, and there are some things that you just know are keepers!

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