Killing the Candida

First of all, did you know that Candida has its own theme song? Oh yes it does!

I was going to post the live version, but there is some extraordinarily annoying clapping during Tony Orlando’s live performance.

Subjecting you to Tony Orlando is my way of announcing that my candida levels have dropped from a “10” in November to a “0” in February! Ha ha!! Which means that my “no-go” food list has shrunk to this:


I went to the a Valentines Pro-Life Dinner and Dance and I was able to have about three-quarters of the food in the buffet line. For the first time in three months I tried pickles (and more pickles), Cesar salad, and parmesan (ok, I cheated a little bit with the dairy). For the most part, I felt great, and when I could feel my head starting to get a little fuzzy, I just stopped ingesting the culprit, namely the Thai vegetable salad. But I had chocolate for dessert, and it was divine!!!

I thought I would write about this today because I have been spending the afternoon meal planning. Now that I can eat a wider variety of food, I thought I would take the time to crack open our cookbook collection to see whether I could vary our diet a little bit.

When cooking for my small family, I need recipes that are healthy, quick, and easy. No big deal, right? I can adjust recipes to use wheat and dairy alternatives (or just add the dairy after at the table), but I have discovered that a disproportionate amount of healthy, quick, easy dinner recipes contain tomatoes. They are everywhere. I know that you can substitute zucchini for tomatoes, but I think that only works for small amounts. I can’t imagine making the zucchini switch for a 28 oz can of tomatoes with juice. It just doesn’t translate. After looking through two cookbooks (one vegetarian and the other was just soups and stews) I was left with a total of four recipes that my children would eat and did not contain tomatoes. But hey, that’s four recipes that I couldn’t eat two weeks ago, so things are still looking up. And I’m sure my family will appreciate the variation in our dinners.

Nevertheless, if you have any healthy, quick, and easy recipes that are free from dairy, wheat, beef, pork, and tomatoes, would you mind passing them my way?

Update: I’m still having issues with onions and celery. I think the celery may be the main culprit, at least I’m hoping it is the celery… So the Dutch Farmer’s Soup I made for dinner two nights ago knocked me out. Oh well, at least the kids liked it. We have used it as a veggie side dish and that has been quite successful.


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