How to Neglect Your Blog

1. Get a good idea.

2. Pursue it faithfully for a determined amount of time.

3. Get a job and over-volunteer.

4. Start posting less frequently.

5. Feel both wistful and bad at the same time.

6. Have more good ideas, start to write blog posts, then run out of time.

7. Continue to feel bad.

8. Get sick of feeling bad and decide to publish or perish. It’s almost like academia, except your job doesn’t depend on it, just your feeling of self-worth.

9. Publish a post, right before Christmas. Feel better because you did it before the new year and can then claim to avoid the rut of New Years Resolutions That Have Failed.

10. Resolve to take the time to write more often because you really do like it quite a lot.

11. Make dinner.