The Tale of the Toga

Staying ahead of schedule is not my forte. There are many reasons for this, some good, some not-so-good. Regardless, at 12:30am on Tuesday morning I found myself in the unnerving position of needing to come up with a toga costume for the Spring Musical…in less than 7 hours. One of the reasons for this dilemma […]

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Forgive me, but if you are trying to sell a product… …called “Euphoria”… …shouldn’t the model at least look… …euphoric? Just asking…

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Documentary: Objectified

From Gary Hustwit, the filmmaker who created Helvetica, comes Objectified, a film about our relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them. Definitely watching this on the weekend.   In other news, I am hoping to have some blog updates soon, so stay tuned…and have a lovely weekend.

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Design: The Friday Project

Courtesy of SwissMiss.  Stephen Wildish is a British illustrator and designer who has come up with “The Friday Project”, in which he has to create something witty or funny every Friday. Here is his poster “1990s Film Alphabet”.   Darren and I got most of them.  (Can anyone tell me what “K” and “V” is?)  […]

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Photography: beautiful and brutal.

I was goofing around on Pinterest yesterday and I came across photographer Geoffrey Baker’s portrait series of people who have run “The Barkley,” an endurance race that has been billed as “the most difficult race on the planet.”  It features saw brier (I think this was the inspiration for the stuff that surrounded Sleeping Beauty’s […]

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This past week or so, Darren and I have been talking a lot about renovating/redecorating our house. For example, our bedroom is blue, and we are pretty tired of it, so I think we may switch to a light yellow. There is a very long list of things to do, from re-caulking the bathroom sinks, […]

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Fire in the Belly

I was going to post about something completely different today, but you know how sometimes an idea captures you? When I was in grad school, Darren and I had a prof named Ken Coates.  Ken is an historian of northern Canada who has published dozens of books on a wide range of topics.  He is […]

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Utility gets an upgrade

Suburban landscapes in North America have the potential to be bland and unappealing. I remember being at my parent’s house in the wintertime – they lived on the side of the mountain so you could stand on their back porch and look across the valley and out at all the houses below. One morning I […]

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