Rehydrating Play Dough

A couple of days ago, Cate asked if she could play with play dough. No problem. It’s a great tactile toy and a wonderful way to keep kids entertained. Yes, it does make a bit of a mess, but unlike plasticine, play dough will dry into little solid bits and you can vacuum it up. […]

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Quick sketch

This past Christmas Darren and I gave all the grandparents empty picture frames with promises to fill them up with family photos. We have yet to get our family portraits done, so the frames sit empty. Until now. During a painting session with Cate earlier this week I thought, “Why don’t I just sketch our […]

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DIY: Perpetual Calendar

This past fall I saw a post on DesignSponge about creating a perpetual calendar (I think I first found it through Pinterest).  A perpetual calendar or journal has one page for every day of the year.  You write something that happened that day and then do that every day.  At the end of the year […]

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DIY: Kindle cover

One of the great challenges of my marriage is figuring out what to give Darren for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. He has very simple tastes, doesn’t like being made a fuss of, and is fairly particular. All of that means that I can’t just head out to the mall and purchase whatever first […]

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DIY: new clock face

One of the great struggles in our family is conveying the importance of time to the younger members. A major flaw in our current strategy is that the kids room does not have a clock. However, this oversight was fixed by the weekend trip to Ikea, when we purchased a Rusch clock for $2.99. I […]

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decluttering: window sills

Tsh Oxenreider, the lady behind the website Simple Mom, has written a book called Organized Simplicity which I blogged about a few days ago.  The last half of the book details a total house declutter over a period of ten days.  However, Tsh also acknowledges that not everyone has the time to devote ten full […]

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We live in the suburbs.  Every morning when Darren has to go into work, he hops on a bus, then the Skytrain, then walks to his office in downtown Vancouver.  It’s quite a trek, but it (thankfully) allows us to live as a single-car family. On days that he works from home, Darren is a […]

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