Fresh Air

Every Wednesday my mother-in-law picks up Ben from school and brings him home for me.  It’s early dismissal at the school and it clashes with naptime for John and my niece, so the Wednesday pickup is my mother-in-law’s weekly gift of sanity to me. As I was standing on our front doorstep yesterday talking to […]

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As the year wanes…

As the year wanes I sit by the window on a crisp December afternoon. After days of family and feasting and enjoying the company of others, I am soaking up this solitude. I can hear the dishwasher, John’s noisemaker, and the ticking of the clock. I have wrapped a blanket around my middle to keep […]

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For months, I have been trying to find time to paint my nails. It just was not happening. Then, finally, last Tuesday after the kids were in bed I threw caution to the wind, let the dirty dishes sit in the sink, and just did it. My toes are now a lovely shade of “Princesses […]

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Rating the pros

I’d like to preface this by saying I am evaluating items according to whether or not they would survive in a house with children.  I find that a lot of decor/design suggestions really don’t take kids into consideration, and when you are looking to purchase long-term items for your home, these are things that you […]

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What is beautiful doesn’t always work

The idea for this blog has been germinating for a while, but this article (“Modern Inconveniences” by Adele Weder) is a great example of why beautiful design doesn’t always succeed in real life.  Weder is an architectural journalist who lives and rents in Vancouver, BC.  This story chronicles her family’s transition from a comfortable, cluttery […]

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