The end of the Endless Summer

Today marks the first day back to school for many children in British Columbia. The teacher strike is over, and today, children across the province what it back into their schools. My kids go to an independent school so we been back for a while. A week or so before school started I wrote the […]

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Fresh Air

Every Wednesday my mother-in-law picks up Ben from school and brings him home for me.  It’s early dismissal at the school and it clashes with naptime for John and my niece, so the Wednesday pickup is my mother-in-law’s weekly gift of sanity to me. As I was standing on our front doorstep yesterday talking to […]

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Alice Advice

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” Alice, “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll What I try to do when I am sad and feeling low. Don’t look at blogs and websites that are better than yours.  You will just get more depressed about how […]

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One Hundred

My blog is now just over a year old and this is my hundredth post.  A lot has happened in the past year, and I can’t tell you what a joy it has been to have this outlet for my creative energy.  I’ve been eyeing this milestone for a while now, and I’ve actually been […]

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As the year wanes…

As the year wanes I sit by the window on a crisp December afternoon. After days of family and feasting and enjoying the company of others, I am soaking up this solitude. I can hear the dishwasher, John’s noisemaker, and the ticking of the clock. I have wrapped a blanket around my middle to keep […]

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We’ve all done it.  Someone is telling you a story.  Their story sparks a memory of something that happened to you.  It happens to be a good story, a great one in fact, with a fantastic punchline. And so, quivering with anticipation, we half-listen to our friend as we try to gauge the best time […]

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The Queen of Crime

I have been doing a fair amount of tidying around the house lately (not that you can necessarily tell because I do live with three kids and I’m not always the neatest napkin in the drawer), so I have been “listening” to YouTube while performing the mundane tasks of life. “Listening” to YouTube consists of […]

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