Here is a short list of topics that I post about regularly:

1. Most Beautiful Thing:
Each Monday I’ll show you the most beautiful thing from my weekend or the previous week. It might be a person, an object, a book, a website, or anything else. Whatever lifts my soul.

2. Rating the Pros:
There is a lot of design advice out there. But how much of it is actually helpful for families with children? The pros may have succeeded with their editors, but can they make it past the discerning eye of a mother of three?

3. Functional Beauty
Items that make your life easier to manage AND bring beauty to your surroundings.

4. Documentary
Our family doesn’t have cable, so a lot of my “down time” is spent searching out interesting documentaries on YouTube or other free websites.  With a BA (Honours) and MA in history under my belt, watching documentaries (or listening to them, depending on what I am doing) is a great way for a busy mom to keep learning.  And if I like them, I’ll share them with you!


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